Make an Impact with Treevotion

Here at Sanctuary we value nature and those who are doing their part to make an impact too. 

Meet our friends at Treevotion: a brand devoted to leaving a substantial green footprint on our planet through tree planting bracelets.

Who: Ignacio Carcavallo & Leandro Chennales, Co-Founders of Treevotion

Their mission: Raise awareness on deforestation and help plant more trees worldwide. 

Their Goal: Plant 1 Billion Trees around the world in the most needed areas from California to Indonesia.

Their Impact (thus far): Over 2,400 trees have been planted

Wait, there is more: They employ many people along the way, provide resources to scale their operations and collaborate with local communities to boost their economies. Their hand-crafted bracelets are made by local artisans from sustainable materials. 

How you can help: With the purchase of a bracelet you join their #BillionTreesChallenge. Just $30 brings 2 new trees into our world. 

Every step counts and we think this is an important one. Make your impact.