How To Accessorize Women's Shorts for a Festive Winter Look

Women's shorts are typically the last thing many people consider wearing during winter, considering the cold temperatures, but wait to put them away for the year. It is still possible to wear shorts – and warmly – even though the hot summer days are behind you. You will have to do some planning to ensure you have everything you need, but you can soon start putting together hot winter looks with your favorite pair of shorts. 

Wear warm tights

Slipping on warm tights can make a significant difference if you want to be cozy while creating a winter look that includes women’s shorts. Many pairs of tights are specifically designed for wearing in colder temperatures, giving you many options for what to buy. 

Opt for a pair in black, as it is a color that can go with any women’s shorts, as well as short and long skirts, dresses, and even jeans or other pants if you want a second layer for warmth. Consider it a must-have item you could easily integrate into many ensembles. 

You can wear warm tights with closed or open-toed shoes, but considering how slippery they can be, it is essential to be careful and choose the proper footwear. Wear footwear that fits perfectly so your feet will not slide around, and while you likely do not want to wear socks with open-toed shoes, you should wear socks any chance you get to protect your feet and keep them warm.

Choose warm underwear

What does wearing warm underwear have to do with women's shorts? However, consider them another layer to keep you comfortable when the temperatures get cold, especially if you skip wearing tights. Put some pairs of warm underwear aside or fold them with your shorts that you specifically wear with shorts, so always have them available when you need them.

Wear tall boots

Not all tall boots look good with women’s shorts, but many will. For example, wearing tall boots may appear odd with Bermuda shorts. Depending on the length of the shorts, this style of boots can look fantastic as part of a stylish, festive winter look. The best part is that they contribute another layer of warmth. Wear leggings or tights underneath for a better way to stay warm and cozy in the cold temperatures. 

Choose fleece-lined leggings

You are missing out if you have never worn fleece-lined leggings. They are some of the most comfortable articles of clothing to wear during winter, and they can help keep your legs warm while wearing women's shorts. 

While they are available in various colors, choose black fleece-lined leggings if you want extreme versatility. They can go with chino shorts, denim shorts, black leather high-waisted shorts, and other options you could wear during winter. Also, you may choose various textures or styles depending on the different patterns of your outfit. 

Best wear fleece-lined leggings with boots rather than other footwear options, such as sneakers. Opt for socks high enough to meet the hems of the leggings and keep part of your legs warm while still being short enough that you cannot see them above the tops of the boots. However, be mindful of the thickness when wearing both fleece-lined leggings and socks to ensure your foot is not too tightly bound in your boot to cause blisters. 

Sport longer coats

Wearing a long coat may seem like a complete juxtaposition to women’s shorts, but so is wearing shorts in winter, yet it works as long as you carefully plan your outfit. For instance, a knee-length, warm, heavy peacoat can greatly accompany women’s shorts. It is also a style of coat that is just as fantastic for wearing to the office as it is for meeting up with friends for drinks. 

Pair complementary hues 

You do not just want to throw a bunch of random pieces and colors together when planning a festive winter look, especially while trying to look fashionable. Carefully plan each piece, including the coat, to create a complete ensemble. Consider several options, especially if you plan on incorporating solid basics. 

For example, you could wear a black turtleneck, long black peacoat, black tights, black ankle boots, and gray plaid tweed women’s shorts. Another option is black leggings with black leather shorts, black boots, and a white sweater. Wear a white coat with faux fur lining the hood for added warmth. 

Prioritize winter fabrics, colors, and textures

When planning your winter looks involving women’s shorts, consider the fabrics, colors, and textures you want to incorporate. Some undoubtedly overlap into different seasons, but many are especially well-known for being part of the winter fashion scene. 

Let’s say you are trying to decide which women’s shorts to wear. Consider a corduroy pair in a deep red hue. Other options can range from navy blue plaid to gray cable knit. While black and white are incredibly versatile, do not count out different shades, like emerald green. 

Stock up on statement scarves

Wearing scarves is one of the most perfect ways to stay warm in winter. You can sport them if you need to bundle up or even wear them on days warm enough to go without a coat. They provide an ideal amount of warmth while offering plenty of style.

Have at least a few scarves that can go with practically anything in your winter wardrobe. Let’s say you want to wear high-waisted black women’s shorts. A black cable knit scarf is a perfect versatile accessory that can beautifully complement those shorts and others you want to wear throughout winter. When you are ready to switch out the shorts for pants, the scarf can also match them. 

Although wearing women's shorts in winter takes extra planning to ensure you stay warm enough and are not shivering the entire time, achieving the fashionable look that strays from standard pants is worth it. However, it is still advantageous to check the weather ahead to determine how many layers you will need and what pieces you must pull together. 

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