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2022's Trendiest Pairings with Camo Pants

To some, camo might be a bit of a fashion enigma: An eye-catching print that can also work as a pared-back neutral? Check. Originally designed to conceal its wearer but still made to stand out from the crowd? Yep! But here’s what’s crystal clear: time and again, camo has proven both its stylishness and versatility. Camo pants, in particular, are one of 2022’s most of-the-moment wardrobe musts.

Light years ahead of less flattering early 2000s iterations, this season’s camo trousers are made to be worn day or night—and to fit and flatter in equal measure. Creating an enviable look is simple, and only requires figuring out what suits your mood. (Think strappy sandals vs. classic trainers or a cropped tee vs. a body-skimming tank. So what are some trendy outfits with camo pants to keep in rotation?

The answer to that question naturally depends upon a few things. First, it’s important to consider the silhouette. Camo pants for women come in a variety of cuts and styles, including cargo, drawstring, slim, and baggy, among others. Second, what else do you plan to wear with your camo pants? And maybe just as importantly, where do you plan on wearing them? We’ll discuss these questions in more detail in just a bit, but before we do, let’s look at how celebs are creating covetable camo looks.

How Celebs Wear Their Camo

When it comes to stars, they’re typically glimpsed in camo pants on the street or en route to a night out. Rihanna—a longtime camo devotee—has been spotted pairing baggy, cargo-style camos with more feminine, fitted tanks. (Ditto sister-influencers Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian.) Off-duty model Bella Hadid, meanwhile, has donned a looser-fitting bomber jackets and sneakers along with her roomy camo pants. Tapping into another major 2022 trend, singers Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Cardi B have all worn camo while baring their midriffs.

While these women are some of the most stylish on the planet, you definitely don’t need to be Insta-famous to nail the look. So what are the things to keep in mind when it comes to styling trendy outfits with camo pants? To start, a high-low mix is key. Camo trousers are great precisely because they can be dressed up or down and made to work for everything from errands to parties. 

How to Style Camo Pants

For 2022, you might consider pairing your camo pants with heeled sandals or pointy ankle boots, plus midriff-baring blouses, cropped jackets, or oversized blazers. No matter your style, keep an eye to proportion. For maximum impact, balance your silhouette and incorporate elements both masculine and feminine. Go from day to night: pair camo cargos with a figure-hugging cut-out top and suede trainers, then swap the kicks for something with height and layer with a tailored leather jacket. The look is a little edgy, a little glam, and totally modern.

What Tops Go with Camo Pants?

Some of the hottest camo pant styles right now are baggier, or at least slightly roomy—think classic cargos. That means the tops you pair them with should be proportional, including body-con and slim-cut styles. Or, if you prefer a more billowy silhouette, opt for a cropped blouse or one that shows a hint of skin.

A fitted top with a sweetheart neckline would be great for the perfect blend of masculine and feminine. And you can never go wrong with a classic black turtleneck or tank. Roomier layers like pullovers and jackets are key components of trendy outfits with camo pants right now. They often look chicest when paired with a shoe with some height.

Does Camo Have to Match?

No, camo doesn’t need to match, but it’s important to pair your pieces thoughtfully. If you’re considering coordinating your camo pants with a camo jacket, for example, think about how the pieces look both separately and worn together.

If you’re sporting more than one piece of camo garb, it’s probably easiest to pair one in a lighter, more subdued pattern with another in a bolder style. (Keep in mind that camo comes in a variety of patterns, including brushstroke, puzzle, woodland, and tigerstripe.) You might also choose different shades of green, brown, gray, or tan to play up the individual prints. And if you’re all about color, there’s vibrantly hued camo for you, too. But, if you’ve made your camo pants the star of the show, solidly hued top-or-sweater pairings are always a (stylish) safe bet.

How to Style Camo for Dressier Occasions

We all remember Madonna’s camo gown at the 2017 Met Gala, right? And while the look was definitely not formal-wear-traditional, it certainly got people talking. Chances are though, when it comes to camo, you’re more likely to don pants, not a fancy dress.

For a night out, you’ve got options. Choose something in a satin or silk-like material, or simply pair your fave camo trousers with a blazer and a strappy heel. (As with denim, think about the pieces you’d add or subtract going from day to evening.)

Up the style factor on trendy outfits with camo pants with bright accessories and bold jewelry, especially when going out. Regardless of your pant’s color, material, or the size of the pattern, it’s still likely to be a major focal point.

What type of materials are camo pants made of?

As just mentioned, camo pants come in various materials, though most are made from cotton, lyocell, or cotton-spandex blends. What material depends upon the type of pants, naturally. Heavy-duty camo trousers, including the ones you’d find at army surplus or vintage shops, are typically crafted from ultra-durable cotton twill for maximum wear-and-tear.

On the other side of the spectrum, you’ve got camo leggings—also made for movement—in materials like spandex and lycra. Then, in the middle, there’s the sartorial sweet spot for camo: the classic styles that can be worn every day (outside the gym). Think cuffed and pocketed cargo pants, denim camo, and camo sweats. Dressier options can be found in silks and satins, plus sequined and embellished styles.

How do you style camo sweatpants?

From slimmer-cut joggers to baggy sweats, there’s an off-duty, “comfy” camo style for you. When it comes to styling, many of the same rules apply to sweatpants. If you’re on a casual coffee run or grabbing groceries, feel free to pair your camo pants with sneakers and a tee.

Whether you want to keep a more refined silhouette or balance the overall look is up to you. Slimmer cut or even matching tops will lend your trendy outfits with camo pants a bit of polish. Leather and denim jackets, dad sneakers, and chunky slides are all safe bets too. And while you might not wear a stiletto with sweats, do you if the mood strikes! Rihanna, for one, has been a major rule-breaker in this regard.

Other Camo Fashion Trends for 2022

1. Camo + Pink

Maybe because it’s considered a “girly” color—and thus a natural foil for camo print—pink has popped up as the go-to hue to pair with all those shades of olive, brown, and tan. While Rihanna has been spotted in a bubblegum-hued top with her camo pants, model Emily Ratajowski added a furry baby-pink hat to hers, baby boy in tow. At Copenhagen and Paris fashion weeks this past season, both women and men topped baggy camo pants with oversized Barbie-pink jackets.

2. Camo Hats

If camo isn’t already your go-to, or if you’re easing yourself into the trend, a camo-print hat is one Y2K era-approved style to embrace that can work with just about any wardrobe. Kendall Jenner, Victoria Beckham, and yes, Rihanna, have all donned camo baseball or trucker caps while out and about recently. 

3. Camo Sneakers

Maybe you already have a closet full of kicks, or maybe you’re super selective about your sneaks. Either way, add a dash of flash with an au courant camo-print pair like the just-dropped styles from Reebok, Adidas, and Nike. More attention-getting than camo hats, these sneakers toe a similar line between comfort and cool. 

To sum it all up: whether you like your camo cut baggy or slim, printed in muted or bold shades, or crafted from durable cottons or smooth silks, there’s a pant for you. When it comes to styling, take cues from celebs, find a balanced silhouette, or simply trust your instincts. No matter what, your camo pants will be on trend and your outfit will stand out from the crowd.

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