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#SanctuaryGivesBack Masks. Join us.

It’s part of Sanctuary’s company values to give back, so naturally we are doing our share.

To Our Sanctuary Community,

Since launching our #SanctuaryGivesBack Masks initiative, we have been overwhelmed by the support from you, our customers and our community. 

We are proud to announce that with your help, we have donated over 250,000 masks—and still counting. We have donated to over 80 hospitals and front-line organizations in more than 30 states. Just last week, we donated 22,500 masks to people who need them most.

Back in March, Sanctuary was in a very different place. Thanks to the ingenuity of our team, we were first to market with the masks that Americans desperately needed. As an entrepreneur, our CEO & Co-Founder Ken Polanco was looking for any way to keep the company moving—while helping to solve the urgent public health crisis facing our nation. The approach was to combine fashion lifestyle masks for consumers with a medical mask donation program to support frontline workers.


“I am in the fashion industry now, but I have always been an entrepreneur. Give me a problem and I will find a way to solve it.”
– Ken Polanco, CEO
 & Co-Founder

Our CCO & Co-Founder Deb Polanco led the launch of our Essential Lifestyle Masks, giving customers confidence and safety without sacrificing style. Since then, we have expanded to more styles and now proudly offer masks for the entire family. 

Shop our current collection of masks here. With your purchase, join us in our mission and nominate an organization to receive a mask donation through #SanctuaryGivesBack. 


“It’s part of Sanctuary’s company values to give back, so naturally we are doing our share. We are happy to join this fight and do what we can to make a difference.”
 – Deb Polanco, Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder

Follow along with more updates @SanctuaryClothing.

We are in this together. 
With Love, From Sanctuary


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