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Short Trends For Summer

The Bermuda Shorts Trend Took Over This Summer—and It’s Here to Stay When a trend has legs, we notice. The ones that stick around for a few seasons—or never really...

The Bermuda Shorts Trend Took Over This Summer—and It’s Here to Stay

When a trend has legs, we notice. The ones that stick around for a few seasons—or never really go away—do so for a reason. Case in point? Bermuda shorts. One of the summer’s most prominent style stories, the Bermuda shorts trend was seemingly everywhere we looked. 

Why did this particular style gain so much traction? They’re often more comfortable than the average pair of women’s shorts. Bermuda shorts’ longer inseams, and higher rises, typically mean they’re easier to wear across various body types. The style is also highly versatile, suitable for pairing with blazers or tanks, and both office- and party-ready. First, let's dig into more background.

 What are Bermuda shorts?

Referring to Bermudas, we’re referring to shorts that hit either at the knee or around one inch above. But, of course, some Bermudas may be slightly shorter. The inseam averages around 10 to 12 inches, and they come in a variety of materials. Some of the most popular include cotton and linen in warmer months, wool, and leather when it gets cooler. (Yep, shorts in winter are a thing. Pair them with tights or layer over leggings.)

Bermudas come cuffed or uncuffed, pleated or flat-front, with at least two front or side pockets and sometimes two welt pockets at the back. Once solely worn by men, Bermudas are now just as apt to be worn by women. In addition, the shorts are available in various colors and inclusive sizes, given their enduring popularity.

History of Bermuda shorts

Early in the 20th Century, members of the British Armed Forces sought a lighter, shorter version of the trousers they donned in sub-tropical areas of the British Empire. The solution was an abbreviated iteration of their everyday pants, rendered in cooler fabrics for steamy temperatures. Their name comes from the location of origination.

Over time, British tourists noted the style and adopted it for themselves, wearing Bermudas on the island, in the U.S., and elsewhere. Ultimately others began gravitating toward the Bermuda shorts trend, making it a resort wear staple for decades to come. 

Women first began wearing the shorts in earnest in the 1950s, when other casual styles like capri pants and pedal pushers were in vogue. Though they'd made appearances on the pages of fashion magazines, Hollywood stars, and warm-weather vacationers, Bermudas didn't hit the mainstream until the following decade. From then on, Bermudas remained a summertime mainstay. 

Bermuda styles from Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a great pair of Bermudas, Sanctuary has a few styles to choose from in two can’t miss washes. First, the Boy Cut Bermuda comes in an Archive Wash—think lightly faded denim—and a basic bright white. (The former is also available in inclusive sizes.) Next, consider the Boy Cut, a classic Bermuda, hitting just above the knee with a high-rise waist.  These roomy shorts feature five pockets, a hidden zip fly, a single folded cotton hem, and a hint of stretch. Reach for them anytime you need a casually chic pair of shorts that go with everything from fitted tanks to billowy blouses.

How to style Bermudas for different occasions

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Bermudas are ultra-versatile. Depending upon the material and detail, these shorts can go just about anywhere you do. But let’s narrow it down to some ordinary occasions. Bermudas are a more polished alternative to cutoffs or pull-on styles for everyday cotton, denim, or linen. They look best with a tucked-in (or French-tucked) tee or button-up paired with sneakers or laid-back loafers. Think of meeting up for brunch, grabbing lunch with family, etc. 

The Bermuda shorts trend also works for date night. In this case, feel free to opt for materials 

like leather or select a darker wash. Top it off with a blazer, a silky blouse, a fitted top, and ankle or knee-high boots. Special occasions like destination weddings or more formal events call for a coordinating jacket, strappy sandals, and a crisp, tucked button-down.

How to dress up Bermuda shorts

Given their length, primarily when they feature a cuff, Bermudas are simply more elegant than most other shorts. That means they pair well with various accessories you might ordinarily wear with something a bit fancier. Think heels for a super-elongated silhouette or chunky metal jewelry to offset the tailored aspect. Both mid-calf and of-the-moment knee-high boots look especially great with Bermudas. Still, your must-have accessory might be a waist-cinching, classic leather belt in brown, tan, or black. Opt for one with metal hardware for added polish.
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