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Introducing the Must-Have Trail Blazer Short

Introducing the Must-Have Trail Blazer Short Summer may be technically winding down, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to pull on pants just yet. In fact, if you’re like us, you’re...

Introducing the Must-Have Trail Blazer Short

Summer may be technically winding down, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to pull on pants just yet. In fact, if you’re like us, you’re relishing the opportunity to enjoy a few more weeks of bare legs. And when it comes to what you put on, you’ll definitely be wearing women’s shorts. Thankfully, we’re pretty spoiled for choices this season.

Whether you’re into bikers, Bermudas, baggies, cutoffs or cuffed styles, there’s a pair of shorts out there to complement both your look and your lifestyle. Given the sheer number of shorts in different cuts, colors, patterns, and materials, you’re bound to find something that fits and flatters in equal measure.

We’ve found the best shorts for 2022

While you may already have a few pairs in rotation—or at least top of mind right now—we’re here to tell you that there’s really only one pair you need this summer. Let us introduce you to Trail Blazer Shorts. Stylish, functional, easy, and supremely comfy, they cover multiple bases. So, what makes them the best of the best? Well, to start, they’re of the moment as well as timeless. And honestly, that’s no easy feat!

We just mentioned that these shorts are fully on trend. Why? In part, it’s because these shorts are a hybrid, pulling double and maybe even triple duty. With their pull-on waist, cuffed hems, and flap pockets, the Trail Blazer toes a line between polished and utilitarian. Conceivably, you could wear these shorts on a hike, running errands, or on a dinner date. All you really need is to switch up your shoes, top, and accessories.

How to wear Trail Blazer shorts

Yes, the Trail Blazer can go from day to night. But you’ll want to think twice about donning them post sweaty hike for say, a dressier meet up. Our advice? Wear ‘em often, but only all day when you’re not having to worry about dirt or perspiration. That said, one of the reasons we love these shorts is because they’re rugged enough for outdoor activities, as well as chic enough for going out with friends. 

If you’re headed for the trails, all you’ll need is a breezy tank and a pair of sneakers. Ready for the weekend? Team your Trail Blazer shorts with a pair of flat or platform sandals and a cropped or cutout tee. Once night falls, opt for some espadrilles and a silky blouse. 

Remember how we also said these shorts were timeless? That’s because a classic cuffed short—like a pair of denim cutoffs—is never not going to be in style. Yep, they’re made to be worn for years to come. Plus, on a more practical level, consider the pull-on waist: there’s gonna be some give, so no fear of suddenly having them not fit. 

Why we love Trail Blazer shorts—all the details

Sanctuary offers five styles of Trail Blazer shorts in Brilliant White; Clean Sand (lightest tan) Earth (rusty clay); Palm Camo (a camouflage print in three shades of green) and Trail Green (army green). Crafted from all cotton with a hint of spandex for added stretch, these mid rise  shorts feature a single-button roll cuff and functional front and back pockets. They’re available in sizes 24–33 and 14–24.

While we’d 100% wear them on our next outing into the woods, we can think of a few additional places where they’d be at home: teamed with a tunic blouse and sandals for brunch; paired with a boxy tee and sneakers for an afternoon of light errands; or worn with a fitted tank and thong sandals for one of the last summer beach days.

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