woman in a grassy field wearing an oversized camo jacket

These Are 5 Things You Should Wear with a Camo Jacket

Much like your favorite denim or leather, camo jackets are some of the most on-trend, wear-with-anything pieces to have in your wardrobe for 2022. And, similar to these staples, camo jackets and camo pants for women, can be worn on multiple occasions, with all of your essentials, throughout the year.

Glimpsed on influencers and bonafide icons alike, camo jackets have been seen on some of the most fashionable women in the world, including Bella Hadid, Rihanna, Cardi B, and Victoria Beckham. Not surprisingly, fashion-forward musicians and celebrities were some of the first to gravitate towards camo, and military jackets more generally.

From the late ‘60s onward, through the punk era and into the ‘80s with the advent of modern hip-hop, performers have long tended toward military styles as bold sartorial statements. Given its natural ability to draw the eye, prints like camo are a perfect match for celebs on stage or simply on the street.

Granted, it’s important to remember that anyone can wear camo. Incorporating just the right pieces into your closet means finding the right cut, color, and print. (While some camo shouts, others low-key whisper.)

Luckily, you’ve got great options. If you’re wondering what to wear with a camo jacket, know that the sky’s the limit!

What Can You Wear with Camo Jackets?

While there aren’t any specific rules around camo jacket pairings, generally speaking, most people are going to wear them with jeans, joggers or leggings, and casual dresses. Depending upon how vibrant or contrasting your camo is, your jacket may be your outfit’s natural focal point. If that’s the case, then go for something that lets your jacket shine.

Neutral tones will complement camo in browns, tans, greens, and grays, while richer hues will break up the pared-back palette. Roomier camo jackets look great atop more form-fitting jeans and body-con dresses, playing up classic masculine/feminine elements.

Cropped jackets pair well with higher-waisted denim and can also add a more casual feel to midi- and maxi-style dresses. Camo jackets that hit below the hip, meanwhile, can be paired with most bottoms, although it’s always important to keep proportion and silhouette top of mind.

What Color and Kind of Shirts Go with Camo Jackets?

When it comes to tops and what to wear with a camo jacket, we suggest getting back to basics—at least some of the time. Think classic tees and tanks in colors like black, white, and navy. This way, you can simply grab one of your go-tos and let your statement camo do the talking.

Of course, if you crave a little color—and who doesn’t?—both jewel tones and pastels offer eye-catching contrast. Neons, too, add an element of the unexpected, as would some florals. If you go with either of these styles though, be sure and best highlight the distinction by keeping bottoms neutral, almost like a blank canvas.

How Do You Style a Camouflage Hoodie?

How you style a camo jacket like a hoodie really depends upon the occasion. If you’re going for a more casual, everyday look, then you can’t go wrong with a pair of black leggings. If your camo hoodie’s more fitted or even cropped, pair it with loose-fitting chinos or khakis.

High-waisted denim is great, too. Layer your camo hoodie with a tee or tank and round out the look with a pair of combat boots or chunky sneakers. Or, when considering what to wear with a camo jacket, match your camo hoodie to a pair of coordinating sweats. (Bottoms can also come in shades to complement your camo like tan, green, or gray.)

Keep any additional layers, plus shoes, to neutral tones to let your hoodie and bottoms stand out. But don’t be afraid to add a camo accessory like a cap or socks to the mix.

Do Flannel and Camo Go Together?

If you’re wondering which fabrics go with camo, you’re not alone! While not all camo pieces come in cotton or heavier cotton-twill, many do, so you’ll probably want to consider how they’ll look and feel coupled with something warmer, lighter, heavier, etc.

No fabrics are off limits with camo—it’s all about your comfort level. When it’s colder out, or if you’re leaning into a cabincore aesthetic, flannel pairs especially well with camo. Soft and comfy, flannel layers offer both warmth and style when paired with camo jackets. Go for something in a solid hue and keep it cozy.

Can You Wear Other Patterns with Camo?

We’ve talked a lot about pairing camo with neutrals, but know that fashion rules can be arbitrary—and sometimes they’re made to be broken! When you’re thinking about what to wear with a camo jacket and want to rock another pattern along with it, we suggest keeping a couple things in mind.

First, be sure that your camo isn’t competing with your stripes, dots, or florals. That likely means choosing a smaller or more subtle print for nuanced contrast. Second, decide whether you’re willing to clash. 

While different patterns can pair well and even complement one another, other times they stand out all on their own. Whether the result is good or bad is in the eye of the beholder, but bear in mind that runway doesn’t always translate to real life. 

Can You Wear Camo in the Summer?

Camo gets a lot of cold-weather love, understandably. But it’s truly an all-season print that works just as well in summer as in winter. From factoring in an abundance of air conditioning, to enjoying trips spent camping and hiking, your camo should come along for the ride.

 Having stylish foundational layers, including camo tees, will allow you to seamlessly add, subtract, and adjust as needed. Grab a camo hoodie once the sun goes down, or have a camo jacket on hand to sport as soon as temps drop, inside or out. Either way, you’ll stay cozy while looking stylish—win-win.