women sitting in the grass wearing sanctuary rebel pant in hiker camo

This is What to Wear With Camo Pants: Tips For Styling This All-Season Look

When it comes to modern fashion, you can see camouflage patterning everywhere: skirts, sweaters, and dresses; belts and hats; pants and shorts; totes and shoes; and more. Camo’s military-inspired style works as an extremely cool, functional neutral that goes with just about anything while also adding an unexpected edge to your look.

 One question still tends to loom. What should you wear with camo pants? Well suited for everyone, including kids, camo pants can be easily attuned to your personal style and can be dressed up, dressed down, and worn just about anywhere. However, it can be hard to avoid overdoing it and/or looking like you have a military uniform on. So we wanted to take a closer look at how to best rock one of our classic trends: camo pants for women. Here are a few basic need-to-knows for matching camo—and specifically camo pants—with your wardrobe staples.

Is Camo In Style For 2022?

Yes—in fact, camo is on-trend for 2022 mainly because it never went out of style.

American fashion’s obsession with camo patterns can be traced as far back as 1931, when designer Elsa Schiaparelli included it in her collection. Camo was a favorite of Andy Warhol’s and the focus of one of his last works. In the 1960s, the style gained a countercultural vibe as troops returned from Vietnam and wore parts of their uniforms in everyday clothing. An iconic element of hip hop fashion, it shaped Tupac’s legendary look. Now, you see it on celebrities everywhere, whether they’re dressed up in sequins or keeping things casual.

If it’s an ensemble anchored by camo pants or simply touches of the pattern on your belt, hat, purse, shoes, or other accessories, you can consider any piece to be a long-term investment. it’s safe to say that camo has never and will never go out of style – how you wear camo pants then is mainly a matter of your personal style.

What Should I Pair With Camo Pants?

The truth is that camo can be worn with anything. To start, you’ll want to look at combinations that don’t compete with camo’s complicated pattern. It’s best to gravitate towards solids as a complement.

Because camo has a natural edge or toughness, you may want to balance things out with a feminine touch, such as a soft fabric with sweet details, like a slim-fitting sweater with cut-outs or keyholes. If you want to sport a sexier vibe, opt for a top that shows a little skin to balance out camo’s seriousness. For a more everyday look, pair it with a classic tee in a soft color. Finish things off with a jacket (or shirt jacket) that doesn’t compete, or instead amp up the natural edginess with a classic bomber style jacket.

One note: To avoid looking like you’re in military fatigues, don’t wear camo pants with a camo jacket, and consider keeping to one camo item.

What Accessories Go With Camo Pants?

As you finish your look, the same rule applies: Don’t compete with camouflage. Try a textured hat in a solid color, or go with bold but not busy jewelry (delicate chains and simple designs go well here, adding an extra dose of softness). For sunglasses, opt for simple yet striking silhouettes, like aviators or oversized frames. Footwear can be versatile – from strappy heels to slip-on sneakers and even military-style boots – but the same rule applies: Think solid colors and clean lines.

If you want to bring more camouflage into the ensemble, do it in small doses: a small clutch or cross-body bag, moss-green nails, a touch of camo in your hair accessories or watchband.

What Type of Camo Pants Are In Style Now?

Are there certain styles of camo pants that are in style now? If you’re wondering what to wear with camo pants, think about what feels best for you.

The essential element in most modern fashion is coziness, and most camo styles are keyed-in to comfort. Camo leggings are both comfy and chic, and they work with your favorite oversized brunch sweater or a tailored top for a night out. Jogger-style pants provide an in-between vibe that can be dressed up with heels and a tailored shirt or dressed down for a quick trip to the grocery store with platform sneakers and an easy knit or denim shirt.

At its most simple, straight-legged camo pants or jeans have a go-anywhere versatility that makes them a wardrobe staple. They are easily paired with t-shirts, sweatshirts, or work-ready blouses. Headed to the office? Consider balancing your favorite camo pants with a tailored blazer, silk tank, and delicate gold necklace.

Can People Of Any Age Wear Camo?

All you need to see is one absolutely adorable camouflage-patterned baby onesie to know the answer is a resounding yes. There are never age-limitations to one’s personal style. Plus, camo’s status as a new neutral makes it an easy choice for everyone. The key is striking the right balance so the look doesn’t become too forced or militaristic.

Something to remember: If you own camo that was originally worn by a service member, make sure to remove any badges or medals you didn’t earn, and check the rules stated by that particular military branch to ensure your use isn’t considered disrespectful. Most military branches allow civilians to use and repurpose camouflage, but it never hurts to double check.

What Colors Pair Well With Camo?

Looking to understand what colors to wear with camo pants? Your choices will depend on the color of the camo you’re wearing—for example, a pattern with orange undertones might fight against a solid red top but will look amazing with a bold blue or heathered yellow.

Most solids will go with your camo pants, and they’ll add a dose of fun that keeps the look from becoming too serious. Try black, white, gray, and neutral tones like pink, cream, and light blue, for example, as well as bright neon hues like pinks, yellow and blue.  

What Color Matches Camo Green?

It depends on the particular shade of green in your camouflage pattern. Does it have yellow undertones? A yellow, white, or black color might complement it nicely. Does the green tend towards blue notes? Try pinks, purples, grays, black, and blues.

Does Yellow Go With Camo Pants?

Can yellow go with camo pants? Definitely.

It depends on the color of your camo, but yellow can bring a bright and cheerful balance to the militaristic style. Try a variety of yellow tones to see what works best with your particular camo hue – from a more subdued mustard or soft lemon to a bright and bouncing neon.

Can I Wear Patterns With Camo Pants?

If you’re wondering which patterns to wear camo pants, just know that it might take a little skill to get it right. Stick with earth tones to start, as they’re a bit easier to match.

Avoid busy patterns (tiny leopard print, for example) that can be overstimulating when mixed with a camo pattern. Instead, consider a linear graphic, such as plaid, and focus particularly on larger patterns. Break things up with solids: a white shirt under a plaid blazer with camo pants will look more balanced. 

Is Camo Only Available In Green?

Traditional camo may invoke thoughts of woodsy colors, but in reality it comes in way more colors than green. Fashion has made camo its own, introducing colors that range from classic moss green to simple and soft gray and even decidedly bold and visible red. Patterns range from classic leaf motifs to newer designs like sandy dunes and watery waves.

Whatever the color, pattern, or fashion-world element added in, today’s camo style is meant to be seen and loved.

Closet Essentials That Complement Camo

If you’re looking for closet essentials that complement camo, consider stacking your wardrobe with a few easy items that you can pair with camouflage at any time. For tops, try a denim shirt; some plain t-shirts in solid colors like white, pink, orange, blue, gray, and black; silky tank tops; slim-fitting sweaters that add a feminine touch; or oversized sweaters for casual comfort. For shoes, think sneakers in a solid color (classic white or black tennis shoes) or heels or wedges in a simple, solid color.

Feel like you’re ready to go? Start your camo adventure here.