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Winter Vacation? The Perfect Women’s Shorts For Your Getaway

Winter is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to start making plans for a holiday in a ski resort or a city that you’ve never been to before. Aside...

Winter is almost here, and it’s the perfect time to start making plans for a holiday in a ski resort or a city that you’ve never been to before. Aside from booking accommodations and securing plane tickets though, part of your plans should include preparing the right pieces to build an amazing winter getaway wardrobe. 

Bringing a beautiful winter coat, some well-fitting jeans, and your trusty boots are a given, but if you truly want to shake up your style, consider packing a few pairs of shorts in your suitcase. 

Although shorts are known to be summer-style essentials, there’s no reason why you can’t wear them on your winter vacation. The secret to making them look weather-appropriate is to choose shorts that go well with traditional winter pieces. Styling also helps to make shorts look awesome for cold-weather activities. If you’re going on a winter vacation, here are the perfect women’s shorts to pack for your getaway.    

Fleece Shorts

Through the years, women's shorts have evolved to be more cozy, now flaunting a vast array of designs and hues. Fleece shorts, commonly referred to as sweat shorts, are all the rage currently. They're the go-to for winter escapes, boasting versatility in styling. Their ultra-soft texture ensures mobility, positioning them as a comfy substitute for PJs or joggers. 

The key to nailing the look? Draw inspiration from athleisure trends.

First, choose sweat shorts in a neutral color, like heather gray or black. Wear your fleece shorts with a cropped top, then layer a matching fleece jacket over that. You can also pair it with a bright-colored hoodie to add some life to your outfit. For a trendy Gigi Hadid-inspired look, consider pairing your fleece shorts with a black bra top, then wear a cropped hoodie over it. Don’t forget to accessorize with some killer shades and an oversized tote bag. 

A Skort

A skort gives you the best of both worlds since it’s a skirt at the front and women’s shorts at the back. For your winter getaway, choose a skort in a heavy fabric like wool, leather, or a thick cotton blend. A plain skort gives you the most bang for your buck, but you can also choose a plaid skort since this pattern fits right in with a winter wardrobe, especially if the colors are red, burgundy, or green. 

For a night out on the town, wear your skort with a pretty blouse and a leather jacket over it. You can also wear a fisherman’s sweater or cable knit sweater with your skort, then complete your outfit with a pair of boots and a small bucket bag. For a twist on the classic schoolgirl look, layer a collared button-down shirt underneath a graphic print sweater, and pair it with a plain black or gray skort.  

Houndstooth Shorts

Houndstooth is an ideal choice for winter clothing since it’s thick, keeps its shape, and it doesn’t wrinkle easily. It also makes an outfit look more polished, so you can wear it if you want to look a little more dressed up. Choose traditional wool or woven tweed houndstooth women’s shorts in beige, black, or brown, then wear a pair of black opaque tights underneath your shorts for warmth. To complement your shorts, wear a turtleneck and a plain blazer, then finish your outfit with a pair of knee-high boots. For added warmth, layer a long coat over your outfit. 

Meanwhile, for hanging out with friends or enjoying a cup of hot cocoa at a ski resort lodge, pair your houndstooth shorts with a slouchy wool sweater in a matching color. Accessorize with a leather belt, and do a half-tuck so that the belt buckle is visible. Complete your outfit with tights, ankle boots, and minimal jewelry. 

Leather Shorts

There’s something about wearing leather that makes people feel sexy and powerful, so why not wear leather shorts on your winter getaway? It’s a good choice for a date night, clubbing, or a special event. Instead of wearing skintight leather shorts though, look for mid-length shorts with a slight A-shape for a classy vibe. The color matters too– think black, burgundy, dark green, or chocolate brown leather. 

Pair your leather shorts with a beautifully cut blazer, a luxe scarf, and knee-high boots for the day, then add a leather crossbody saddle bag. Leather women’s shorts also look amazing with a white winter coat layered over a white top. Accessorize with dark sunglasses and minimal makeup for an effortlessly cool look. For night, wear your leather shorts with a black turtleneck and black tights, or an asymmetrical top under a long coat. Finish your look with statement earrings. 

Denim Shorts

When it comes to versatility, nothing beats a pair of denim shorts. It’s perfect for any time of day, and it can be worn with different types of tops and outerwear. Choose a pair of dark denim shorts without distressing, or go for light-colored denim to create some contrast if you plan on wearing mostly dark-colored tops on your getaway. 

Pair light denim shorts with an oversized dark knitted sweater and thigh-high boots. You can also wear tights underneath and pair your shorts with a graphic tee and a leather jacket over it. Meanwhile, a long-sleeved knitted blouse with a bow tie can be paired with any type of denim shorts for a sweet and feminine look. Add tights, ankle boots, and a small leather handbag to complete your outfit.

When it comes to crafting the perfect winter getaway wardrobe, don’t overlook the potential of women’s shorts. While traditionally associated with the spring and summer season, shorts can be a versatile addition to your cold-weather attire when chosen and styled thoughtfully.

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