What matters to Adee Drexler?

What matters to Adee Drexler?


Meet Adee: Founder of Infinity Creative Agency

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Where you’ve seen her: Working alongside some of the world’s most buzzed-about brands and talent

Why we love her: A true industry veteran, Adee dominates the agency world and brings the “entrepreneur” role into a new light. With over a decade of experience in business development, marketing, branding, influencer marketing and social media, she guides brands through today’s ever-fluctuating media landscape and finds innovative ways for them to stand out. While staying focused on growing the company she’s built through cultivated relationships, Adee also finds ways to be a cheerleader to her team members and everyone around her. Her impressive span of relationships derived from acts of kindness, integrity and respect. Whether she is resharing other women’s accomplishments on social media or attending an event to show her support in person, she makes an effort to always root them on. 


“Cultivate relationships with kindness, integrity and respect, and people will want to work with you and will root for your success.”

Stay in touch: @adeedrex & @infinitycre8ive


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