What Matters to Barbra Ignatiev?

What Matters to Barbra Ignatiev?


Meet Barbra: Artist and owner of her personal designs BARBARIAN®️ brand

Location: Oakland, CA

Where you’ve seen her: & Her Designs...Featured collaborations with Anthropologie, Bloomingdales, STAPLES & so much more. 

Why we love her: We can’t get enough of her playful prints & wild-at-heart rebel spirit. Her designs represent so much more than just a stunning combination of color and patterns. Barbra creates prints that are meant to inspire women to stay bold, get messy and love themselves along the way. She sets herself apart by creating all her prints by hand, a craftsmanship we truly admire. From cosmetic bags & water bottles to stationery & home decor, you can find ways to add a little pop in your life with one of her one-of-a-kind pieces of work. We’ll take one of everything please!

Stay in touch: @abarbarianheart


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