What Matters to Khrystyana?

What Matters to Khrystyana?


Meet Khrystyana: Curve model + Advocate of self love, body image and LGBTQIA.

Location: New York, NY

Where you’ve seen her: America’s Next Top Model and editorial spreads worldwide 

Why we love her: Like Khrystyana, we are passionate about inclusiveness, and she does it in a way that is impactful and admirable. When she is not rocking it on set for a photoshoot, she is actively promoting self love, body image and sharing her support to LGBTQIA. She helps people around the globe by speaking at academic campuses, meet-ups, writing and creating digital art focusing on all diversity. 

Beyond her dedication to help others, she’s taken that passion to make a statement as the creator of The Real Catwalk, a pop-up runway show that focuses on bringing people together to redefine beauty standards and celebrate authenticity. 

Stay in touch: @Khrystyana

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