What Matters to Natalie Ellis & Danielle Canty?

What Matters to Natalie Ellis & Danielle Canty?


Meet Natalie and Danielle: Co-Founders BossBabe

Location: London & Los Angeles

Where you’ve seen them: OR heard them...on the crazy popular Instagram account @bossbabe.inc or The BossBabe Podcast.

Why we love them: Individually unique, but together a total powerhouse. Co-creators, strategists, community builders, mentors and the list goes on. BossBabe pretty much sums it up, and just as that, they created a mega platform that brings together women across the globe to work toward their own versions of success. 

After launching the site & blog, the duo took it another step by entering the world of pod obsession with full force. The BossBabe Podcast features easy to follow workshops, 1-1 interviews with aspirational leaders, and insights to help you balance just about everything. Whatever you need, Natalie and Danielle have you covered. You got this! 

NOW LIVE: Interview with our very own Deb Polanco, co-founder & chief creative officer

Listen Here

Stay in touch: @daniellecanty, @iamnatalie & @bossbabe.inc


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