What Matters to Sazan Hendrix?

What Matters to Sazan Hendrix?


Meet Sazan: Entrepreneur, influencer, wife & mama

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Where you’ve seen her: YouTube, Instagram, Podcast, and if you are fortunate, IRL. 

Why we love her: Sazan exemplifies a Sanctuary woman in her talents not only as a businesswoman on the go, on-trend fashion girl and a dedicated mother but also as a woman who is strong and passionate in helping others. Along her journey, she overcame cultural opposition from her Middle Eastern roots and followed her heart that led her in the public spotlight where she can do what she loves most - inspiring women across the globe. 

Beautiful inside and out, Sazan’s story and fiery heart has ignited a growing community of women that believe you can be the person you dream of becoming when you stop listening to the voices of fear and doubt and start taking action in becoming the best version of yourself. Amen!

Stay in touch: @sazan

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