What Matters to Zuri Hall

What Matters to Zuri Hall


Meet Zuri: Emmy Winning TV Host & Activist

Location: Los Angeles

Where you’ve seen her: On your TV bringing you top entertainment news or taking action speaking and engaging to bring awareness to causes that mean the most to her. 

Why we love her: Zuri is as real as it gets. From her tenacious spirit to her determination on how she hopes to pave the way for women in her industry, she is someone we can all relate to. She may be fearful of fruit, but that is just about it. After leaving her home state of Ohio, she set out to pursue her dreams of working in television. With her family’s support & encouragement she took leaps that landed her on one of the world’s largest entertainment news networks. Now based in Los Angeles, Zuri has worked her way to bringing pop-culture breakdowns to homes everywhere - winning an Emmy award along the way. Off screen, her passion for empowering others has led her to find ways to help bring awareness to organizations such as Alexandria’s House, NAACP and Ad Council’s ‘Know Your Girls’ campaign. There’s no telling what might be next for Zuri, and we can’t wait to see!


Stay in touch: @zurihall

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