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Devin Reed

Devin Reed: Superstar Sommelier

Devin’s curiosity for wine started in a small, dirty, and dark shipping office where he sent wine to customers all over the world. We know, not so glamorous at all. Now, Devin is serving up wine as the Host of Wine & Culture Los Angeles and UNINTERRUPTED Wine Wednesday. Oh, and did we mention he’s the owner of 59Wines, a rare wine concierge?

From a humble beginning in a drab shipping office, Devin moved on to be the general manager of Wally’s Beverly Hills and is now the owner of his very own rare wine concierge. But success doesn’t come overnight, and definitely not going it alone. Devin made a career in building teams that treat people like gold. And with that level of excellence in customer service and treating people well came their success. For Devin, it’s important to be a good person, not only in your everyday life but especially in your line of work. How will you gain people’s trust, respect, and business if you’re doing anything less?

What advice do you have for our community?

Act with integrity. Chances are, no matter what line of work you’re in, at the end of the day, it’s all about people. Act with integrity, act the same way you would whether people are looking or not, and in my case, treat people well and drink good wine!

Devin’s Sanctuary Fall Favorites

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