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Lauren Messiah

Lauren Messiah: Author and Stylist Extraordinaire

Born and raised in the DC metro area, Lauren made the move to Los Angeles sixteen years ago. Lauren is a personal stylist and author of Style Therapy: 30 Days to Your Signature Style. While she identifies herself as a hardcore introvert, the fashion-forward entrepreneur encourages and educates women on how to develop a look that will increase both their confidence and support their goals.

After graduating in fashion design, Lauren was hit with a huge reality check—having a degree in your field doesn’t automatically guarantee you a job in that industry. So, post-graduation, Lauren worked retail. This is where she discovered she enjoyed styling women much more than designing. Unfortunately, retail wasn’t going to pay the bills. She explained that she wasn’t good at it at all. If an outfit didn’t look good on a customer, she’d send her to another store.

Because Lauren wasn’t meeting her sales goals, she was forced to get a “real” job working a 9-5 in tech. As a creative person, this strict schedule was torture. However, there was a silver lining to it all. Without the skills she picked up in the corporate environment, she wouldn’t have become the entrepreneur she is today. In 2009 she ventured out to start her business as a personal stylist and educator.

While working in corporate in the early 2000s Lauren recognized very catty energy amongst the few women in the workplace. During this time if you wanted to succeed you had to go at it alone, which led to a whole lot of confusion, frustration, and wasted time. When starting her business, she decided she didn’t want to keep any success secrets and made it her mission to share openly about the mistakes she’s made and learned from to help other women succeed in the same way.

Lauren is a woman supporting women and believes in succeeding together. There is plenty of success to go around and she’s not afraid to share her secret to success and the wisdom she’s collected along the way.

What advice do you have for our community?

Don't waste a single second living your life for someone else. Tap into your passion, wear fabulous clothes and have some fun!

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