Top 7 Ways To Wear Cargo Pants

The early 2000s have once again captured the attention of fashion enthusiasts with the resurgence of sexy bra tops, slinky corsets, and cargo pants. While these utilitarian bottoms have been around since the early 1900s, they have received a massive style upgrade this year. Beyond the traditional khaki, cargo pants now come in denim, fun neon colors, and even shiny metallics. Moreover, fashionistas have found exciting ways to wear this style staple beyond pairing them with plain tees and hoodies. In this article, we will explore the top 7 ways to wear cargo pants and elevate your overall look!

Wear Them as Shorts

When people think of cargo shorts, they often picture baggy and unflattering pieces suitable only for hiking or camping. However, today's cargo shorts are more stylish than ever. Think of shorts in iridescent fabrics, slimmer cuts, and luxurious details. To fashionably wear cargo shorts, balance their utilitarian vibe with something distinctly feminine. 

For example, pair shorts with a boho top featuring embroidery details and complete the look with flat sandals and a woven bag. Accessorize with fun sunglasses, bead jewelry, and bright blush and lipstick. Whatever look you desire, Sanctuary offers a wide selection of cargo pants and women's shorts that will keep you looking cool and stylish.

With a Chic Blazer

Looking to elevate the look of your cargos? Opt for bright, hot pink cargo pants and pair them with a matching tank or blouse. Alternatively, mix them with a fun pattern. Top it all off with a chic blazer in classic black or white. 

For a streamlined look, choose a longer blazer that falls past your hips. Don't forget to accessorize with a metallic clutch and silver or gold-heeled sandals.

With an Asymmetrical Top

While a classic solid tank top always pairs well with cargo pants, consider adding interest to your outfit by wearing an asymmetrical top. A split-hem top can show off your waistline, while a one-shoulder sleeveless top is a guaranteed showstopper. Opting for a top with an asymmetrical neckline allows you to highlight your collarbones. This type of outerwear helps you accentuate your assets while giving your cargo pants a more polished look.

With a Leather Harness

The leather harness gained popularity on TikTok last year. Although this somewhat suggestive accessory raised a few eyebrows, content creators demonstrated its high wearability when paired with the right pieces. Wear a leather harness with women's shorts and a simple black shirt, or add some edge to cargo pants. 

Pair black cargos with a long-sleeved black top and don a black leather harness over it. Complete the look with black combat boots for a futuristic military-inspired vibe.

With a Cropped Cardigan

A cropped cardigan not only keeps you warm on chilly days but also adds a sweet touch to your outfit. Choose denim, gray, or beige cargo pants to tone down their rugged vibe and pair them with a cropped cardigan in gray or muted tones like dusty pink, soft beige, or dusky lavender. Accessorize with delicate jewelry and pointed flats for a stylish ensemble.

With a Long Coat

A long coat is perfect for staying warm on winter days and adds a touch of sophistication to your look, making it ideal for power dressing. Pairing a long coat with cargo pants effortlessly adds a quiet elegance to your outfit. Try wearing flared cargos with a black lace top, a long black coat, and vibrant-colored heels like ruby red, orange, or emerald green. 

Complete the ensemble with statement earrings, a small handbag, and minimal makeup for a classy look.

With a Denim Jacket

A denim jacket can dress up cargo-inspired shorts for women or cargo pants. This versatile outerwear piece is perfect for cool summer nights or as an additional layer under a winter coat. When you need more styling ideas or want a dressed-up look, a denim jacket is an excellent choice. If you wear loose cargos, opt for a slim-fit denim jacket that falls exactly or slightly above your waistline. 

For a dressier appearance, choose a jacket in a darker wash, while a light-wash denim jacket works well for casual and breezy looks.

Explore Sanctuary’s selection of cargos and tops to create fashionable looks for any occasion. Shop now to take your style to the next level.