women sitting in the park wearing sanctuary camo pants

4 Camo Pant Styles You Need to See Now

Whether you’ve loved camo pants forever—we get it!—or are new to wearing them, it never hurts to get a few fashion pointers. With so many incredible camo pant cuts and colors, styling these on-trend trousers has never been easier or more fun. Wondering what kinds of camo pants are out there as well as what to wear with them? You’re in luck – we’re going to spotlight some of the most on-trend women’s camo styles.

What Are the Best Camo Styles?

Let’s start with some of the most sought-after silhouettes: first, there’s your classic utility style, with a full (but not too full) leg, elasticized cuffs, and two cargo pockets. Think of these like your favorite pair of jeans—versatile, chic, and able to go with everything.

Looking for something just as essential, but a touch more casual? Joggers, of course. A drawstring waist and four-pocket styling make these camo trousers kind of like an ultra-cool pair of sweats—perfect for downtime and more low-key outings.

Of course, if you’re looking for a streamlined silhouette, you can’t go wrong with a higher-rise, straight-leg cut. Comfy yet polished, this inclusive style features a touch of stretch and a drawcord waist.

Are Camo Trousers Fashionable?

While most trends are cyclical, women’s camo styles are consistently coveted. From the runway to real life, camo trousers in particular have proven perennially cool. Popular since at least the late 1960s, camo pants have been regularly worn by men and women for decades.

With Y2K styles currently in full effect, it’s hard not to recall camo’s late ‘90s-early-2000s zenith. Back then, some might say camo was as much about making a statement as it was wearing something legitimately cool. This time around though, the cuts are more flattering, and the head-to-toe looks more considered. Want proof? Just look at stars like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber—all of whom love their camo.

Plus, unlike other recent trends (we see you, micro miniskirts), camo trousers can fit and flatter just about anyone. Wear them baggy, slim, cropped, long, buttoned up, or cinched with a drawstring. Trust us when we say there are plenty of women’s camo styles out there for you.

How Do You Style Camo Pants?

Some people believe that fashion rules are made to be broken. For anyone who still likes a little guidance, however, we’ve got you. It all comes down to balance and proportion. For example, if you have a pair of cargo-style camo trousers in cotton-twill fabric, feel free to mix it up. Pair them with a form-fitting top in a solid shade or a slimmer-cut cami in a silky fabric.

If you prefer straight-leg or fitted camo trousers, round out the silhouette with a boxier top like an oversized bomber or sweatshirt. Play up more traditionally masculine or feminine elements with the addition of baseball caps and chunky sneakers vs. layered necklaces and strappy sandals.

Does Camo Go With Red?

One of the best things about camo is that you can almost treat it like a neutral. Think of it the way you would a leopard print—always on-trend and perfect for pairing with solid shades.

Since women’s camo styles come in a number of colors, including green, brown, tan, and gray, it’s important to consider your go-to hue when choosing an outfit. Bright colors like red can complement camo and provide an eye-catching contrast. You may want to pair a red top or jacket with a more subdued camo print for optimal appeal, but the choice is yours.

How Did Girls Style Camo in the 90s?

Remember how we mentioned the resurgence of Y2K trends? Well, back in the day, camo was king—or queen, as it were. Avril Lavigne, Destiny’s Child, Britney Spears, and Missy Elliott all rocked camo, especially onstage. Because there was a performative aspect to these camo looks, the women weren’t afraid to go bold, making camo their outfit’s focal point or even donning it head-to-toe.

‘90s girls often opted for casual and utilitarian looks, however. Trousers were paired with white tanks or long-sleeve tees, and camo jackets were paired with jeans and denim skirts—and almost always with sneakers or boots.

What Colors Can I Wear with Green Camo Pants?

Whereas pink and blue camo gained traction at the turn of last century, most women’s camo styles today come in less vibrant, more subtle hues. Green, or olive, remains one of the most appealing. Depending upon the level of contrast in your camo print, green will easily complement any number of pieces.

While black and white tops are a sure bet, you can also add pastels to the mix or even a laid back floral print. Just be sure that any other bright colors or prints aren’t vying with your camo for all that visual attention!

To recap: Throwback fashion is in, but camo trousers in 2022 are distinctly more versatile, fun and flattering—no matter how you style them.