Camo Pants

Camo Pants

Camo Pants for Women l Stylish, Modern & Comfy Camo Pants 

What once were made for blending in, camo pants are now used to stand out in today's fashion. From skinny to baggy, paired with sporty sneakers or sultry stilettos, camo pants draw attention to the legs and speak volumes. Wear them for a tough and androgynous look, or style them for a feminine and sleek look. 

Who doesn’t love an outfit that makes bold use of color? Well, wearing camo pants does just that. Go with the classic green and brown look, or create an eye-catching look with bright blues, oranges, pinks, and everything in between.

Camo pants are one piece of clothing that hasn’t stayed put and refuses to be stereotyped. Women all over the world have embraced camo pants and have sported them in so many different ways. Camo pants are the movie stars of garments; the only rule is that there are no rules, a universe of outfits can be built around them.

History of Camo Pants

Camo print has been in the fashion game for a lot longer than you may think. When a lot of people think camo print, we automatically think Military, but, did you know that camo print was actually a major part of fashion in the late 1960s? It’s true, right after the Vietnam War, a lot of civilians started sporting the Military print. But, this didn’t last long, and it wasn’t until the 1980s that camo print made a comeback.

In the 1980s, a lot of people started to adopt the look of camo pants as streetwear. Except for this time, the trend stayed around, and in the 1990s, started branching out to different forms of clothing such as jackets and skirts. So, it’s safe to say, at this point in history, camo print was here to stay. And we have some fashion designers to thank for that. With so many appealing color combinations and patterns, this once-drab military uniform began to appear on runways. Designers Jean-Paul Gaultier and John Galliano designed collections around camo. 

In today’s fashion, camo pants are worn by so many people all over the globe. Camo pants are pretty much a staple to have in your closet if you like the streetwear style. Camo pants are also a major part of fast fashion and urban wear embraced by hip-hop culture. 

In recent years, camo pants have become available in so many different styles and colors. Some of the most popular styles of camo pants include the traditional type of camo pants and skinny camo pants. There are also a lot more colors than there used to be when camo pants were just getting popular. You can now find camo pants in pretty much any color you can think of. With streetwear getting more and more popular in coming years, there’s sure to be even more styles to choose from. 

What do women usually wear with camo pants?

One thing you can’t help but love about camo pants is their versatility. Since camo pants are really only limited by their colors, they have to be able to make a statement. Unsurprisingly, they tend to be the most attention-grabbing aspect of the outfit. 

Just like the focal point of a room, it’s best to build your outfit around the camo pants. If you want to pair them with colorful tops and shoes, the colors need to work together. In some cases, you may actually be able to get away with clashing confidently. Alternatively, pairing them with whites, blacks, and neutral tones gives camo pants the ability to be the statement of your outfit.

Examples of garments to pair with your camo pants include:

White Tee

You can’t go wrong with a white tee; they’re basically a staple to have in every closet. White tees are the blank canvas on which you can build any outfit. With a classy or casual white tee as your top, your camo pants become the star of the show. Pair them with sneakers or dress them up with some heels, and the outfit becomes upscale and trendy. 

Denim Jacket

When camo pants default to casual, the classic outerwear decision is a denim jacket. Pairing blue or gray denim tones with a cool green camo print results in a showstopper of an outfit. Denim jackets add flirty charm to contrast with the strict history of camouflage.


Leather Jacket

The leather jacket takes the flirty feel of the denim jacket and makes you feel like the fiercest woman in the room. A woman in camo pants and a leather jacket is someone you want to meet—but not someone you want to mess with. Adding a leather jacket is the perfect go-to look for when you are ready to take the town by storm and show off a different edge of fashion.

Camo Jacket

If you’re feeling really sassy, double down on the camo look. Transform your everyday look into a bold, modern street look by picking out a camo jacket that matches your camo pants. Alternatively, you can pick subtle contrasts in your camo prints to create a one-of-a-kind impression.

Trench Coat

A tan trenchcoat is a classy, upscale accent and one of the only outerwear garments that can truly compete for attention with camo pants. Consider pairing it with dark, subtle camo print pants for the perfect contrast of colors. This look is a personal favorite in some of the best influencer closets. 

Crop Top

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like the star of your favorite early 2000s dance movie, try pairing your camo pants with a simple crop top. It’s one of our favorite looks. This look is working its way back into today’s fashion, so it definitely deserves a spot in your wardrobe.

Tube Top

Pairing a tube top with baggy or skinny camo pants may actually just be the perfect combo. Looking to up your look even more? Try a cropped tube top in either white, black, or tan. This outfit will make you look like one of Beyonce’s back-up dancers—sexy and confident for days. 

Tank Top

Trying to stay cool during the summer while also turning heads? Try pairing your camo pants with a snug tank top in white, black, or earthly tones. This looks fantastic with heels or pointed-toe flats and just a minimum selection of accessories - we recommend your favorite necklace and sunglasses.


Take the tank-top-and-camo-pants concept up a notch with a cami. A cami contrasts the military masculinity of traditional camo pants with boudoir femininity and is the next trend that is sure to take over the fashion world. This look is especially effective with statement-making shoes. Want to dress down the look or wear this in the cooler months? Try pairing it with your favorite denim jacket.


When the cooler weather comes back, it’s time to bring out the pullovers. Pullovers are a warm and cozy addition to your outfit, perfect for staying toasty during the cold months. A baggy pullover with skinny-cut pants and booties will surely leave an impression in the fall. Choose earth-toned pullovers that don’t clash with the color palette of the camo pants. 

Graphic Tee

You don’t have to go plain on top to accommodate the loudness of your camo pants. Get a little gutsier with your fashion choices, and pair your camo pants with a white or black graphic tee. As long as you coordinate the colors, the graphic won’t clash—in fact, it will add pop and drama to an already attention-grabbing outfit. 

White Button-Down

To bring camo into the realm of business casual, try pairing snug camo pants with black pointed-toe flats and a white button-down. It instantly dresses up the look, especially when paired with a simple necklace and earrings. Want to add a pop of dramatics? Add a statement ring to bring a little something extra to your business-casual days. 


Another way to keep your camo pants conservative is to throw on a neutral cardigan. The vibe of this look provides an appealing contrast to the androgynous effect of camo pants. Try wearing your cardigan with a straight-fit cut of pants and boots—the perfect autumn look for when the leaves begin to fall.


As winter approaches, layers will become a must-have for most looks. One of the best ways to beat the cold while continuing to wear camo pants is to layer up with a cute sweatshirt. When picking out a sweatshirt, try going for a neutral sweater. If it has a print, keep the same idea as we did with the graphic tee - as long as the colors coordinate, you won’t have anything to worry about. 


Since camo pants are inherently casual, they are a natural match for your favorite pair of sneakers. Slim pants work perfectly with Chucks or Vans, while baggy camo pants pair well with trainer-style athletic shoes.  


If you want to split the difference between formal and casual, booties are the way to go. Since camo pants are so versatile, you can pair just about any top with them when you choose to pair them with booties. Don’t be afraid to try booties with a bit of bling either—the pop will contrast perfectly with the martial camo print, a resurgent trend we see more and more of.


Camo pants with heels are a look many could be scared to try but could really pay off. Pairing heels with skinny camo pants results in an outfit that has the confidence to spare. You can put on almost any neutral top, and this look will turn heads.

Q&A Camo Pants For Women

What are camo pants? 

“Camo pants” can be used to describe any pant that features a multicolored “camouflage” print in the tradition of the military. Earthy greens and browns are the most traditional color palette, but camo pants have evolved to feature every color of the rainbow, from blues to fire-orange.

Camo pants vary not only in color but also in style. You’ll find every cut and variety, including baggy pants, leggings, cargo pants—really any style you can think of can be found with a camo print.  

Why do women wear camo pants?

Women wear camo pants for a number of reasons—most of all because they like the look and want to make a statement. 

Women also love camo pants because they are casual and versatile. As long as the colors don’t clash, you can pair them with a vast selection of tops, outerwear garments, and shoes. Camo pants also play a key role in several style profiles, such as urban hip-hop wear.

How do I determine which camo pants are good for me?

If you want to accentuate your legs and hips, consider slim-fit or skinny-cut camo pants. If you want to draw more attention to your top and torso, baggy camo pants or ones that feature more neutral tones may be the way to go.

It’s not a bad idea to copy the style of your favorite pair of jeans, except in camo.

Should I buy camo pants?

Yes! They are attractive, exciting, and easy to wear. You can find them in a wide range of colors and fits—there’s a pair of camo pants for everyone. You can wear them to a variety of situations, from daytime to a night out and even some upscale or formal settings.

They are creative, fun, and flirty—androgynous and feminine, depending on how you wear them. Buy the right pair, and you will immediately add dozens of new outfit possibilities to your wardrobe. 

Are camo pants for women still in style?

Absolutely—in fact, they never went out of style. Camo pants tend to come into special favor during periods of high-fashion revival. Camo pants aren’t a flash-in-the-pan fad—they have a rich heritage, just like denim.  Instead, they will find new niches, like the current urban-wear craze for camo. As styles and tastes evolve, you will find a new use for your camo pants and fun new outfits to build over time.