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Camo Items You Can Live In

It’s time to consider camouflaging your new neutral, a print you can wear almost every day, whether you opt for camo pants, tees, jackets, or something else. Granted, it’s true...

It’s time to consider camouflaging your new neutral, a print you can wear almost every day, whether you opt for camo pants, tees, jackets, or something else. Granted, it’s true that camo items, despite their name, don't exactly fade into the background. But even in the concrete jungle, it’s become nearly as common a sight as animal prints or florals. What’s more, unlimited colors, washes, and camo pattern types mean you’re capable of rocking countless looks—some more laidback, others distinctly more attention-grabbing.

Whether you already love camo or are simply camo-curious, you’ve seen celebs, models, and musicians sporting it. Toeing the line between “off-duty” and “look at me,” camo is the perfect style for anyone famous going about their day. Fortunately, it looks just as good on everyone else with the proper styling. If you need help determining what kind of camo best suits you, here's a breakdown of some of our favorite looks. 

Camo socks

When you think of camo, "socks" probably don't instantly spring to mind. But hear us out because this is one of the chicest ways to accessorize. Similar to hats or bags, socks offer a subtle way to show camo love. So whether you opt for a high-contrast print or an almost monochromatic, rock one, let your socks shine by pairing them with the right pieces. 

We love to see them scrunched inside sneakers, peeking above the tops of boots, or even snuggled inside a pair of slippers. But, of course, camo socks pop best when teamed with solid pants, leggings, or brighter, lighter shoes.

Camo pants

The most treasured camo item, camo pants, has been a streetwear and high fashion staple for years. Versatile and chic, this type of trouser is a wardrobe essential—still, a couple of things to consider, including the pattern itself. 

If bold prints aren’t your thing, opt for a subtler one, either in monochrome or with less distinction between colors. (Think shades of gray vs. tan, black, and green.) We recommend a neutrally hued classic style instead of a bright color for maximum wear, but that's up to you! Vibrant shades will pair well with your closet's navy and black solids.

Camo jackets

Camo varieties are equally stylish and a great alternative to denim and field jackets. (Durably constructed and loaded with pockets, they’re also super practical.) While trendier camo jackets may come in cropped or oversize silhouettes, a classic style that hits mid-thigh is probably the easiest to style. 

We advise making the jacket the focal point of your outfit, teaming it with unexpected, albeit complementary separates: cozy cashmere, crisp cotton shirts, and silky blouses. Camo jackets look incredibly excellent paired with leather pants and wide-leg trousers.

Camo leggings

While basic black tops many people’s leggings list, don’t shy away from something bolder. The key to rocking a camo item like leggings is pairing them with a proportional top in a solid color, much as you would with animal or geometric prints, for example. 

Next, grab an oversized hoodie, a slouchy sweater, or a fluid parka, and add sneakers or hiking boots. Camo leggings also look great with a coordinating bra or crop top peeking out from beneath a zip-up. And if you’re lounging, feel free to opt for something simpler, like a tee and a cozy pair of slippers. 

Camo t-shirts

Camo tees come in various styles, but of late, more fitted, shrunken cuts predominate. Chalk it up to ‘90s nostalgia or perhaps even the desire to feminize what’s often considered a traditionally masculine print. Celebrities have, of course, hopped on the trend, with some even sporting camo in vibrant neon

Similar looks may not work for every day, but a more classic camo crew neck, for example, pairs well with everything from a leather skirt to baggy jeans. Again, consider it akin to a neutral —and a chicer alternative to plain black or white. Of course, any accessory or shoe pairings will depend upon your bottoms. Typically though, sneakers and loafers will be a safe bet.

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