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How Cargo Pants Will Be Worn Next Fall

As women increasingly prize comfort as much as cool these days, certain things are a given, sartorially speaking: baggier silhouettes made a comeback, and pants that rival joggers for ease...

As women increasingly prize comfort as much as cool these days, certain things are a given, sartorially speaking: baggier silhouettes made a comeback, and pants that rival joggers for ease have become super sought-after. So, why not get pants that can do both? Enter the cargo, which you may very well already have in rotation. If not, here’s what to know, why they’re ultra popular right now, and why you’ll love them well into the fall.

When it comes to green cargo pants, they have quite a bit going for them, from Y2K-era trendiness and broad celebrity appeal to true utility. Lately, as women have broadly ditched skinny jeans and more fitted styles in favor of looser cuts, they’ve also opted for pants that could be deemed throwbacks: think everything from palazzos and paperbag to balloon styles.

Still, cargo is king—or maybe queen—when it comes to of-the-moment wearability. As temperatures start to cool again, cutoffs will be swapped for cargos, guaranteed. And we predict you’ll still be seeing some of the most stylish stars rocking them on a regular basis. 

Celebrities in Cargo Pants

When it comes to women’s camo cargo pants and the celebs who love them, there are a few bold-faced names that immediately spring to mind, including Rihanna and Bella Hadid. While the singer’s been snapped pairing hers with everything from a baby pink tank and fuzzy hat to a baggy tee and furry shrug, Hadid has worn her cargos with bomber jackets, bra tops, and strappy sandals.

Fellow model Hailey Bieber loves denim cargo pants, in particular, while actress Shay Mitchell has opted for ultra-pocketed cargos teamed with a cropped top and platforms. Meanwhile, Hillary Duff tapped into true noughties nostalgia with a green- cargo-pant-and-tube-top pairing. Especially noteworthy, however? The Duchess of Cambridge’s skinny army green cargos, worn during a recent trip to Belize. 

How Cargo Pants Are Functional

The Duchess of Cambridge’s outfit—cargos, white tee and white sneakers—spoke as much to utility as to her love of a more streamlined aesthetic. Indeed, with their multiple pockets, easy cuts, and (typically) lighter weight, cargos are some of the most functional pants out there.

While countless celebs have been spotted wearing women’s camo cargo pants on the street, others prefer to wear theirs to hit the trails or for outdoor activities. (Consider the cargo pant’s military origins and their original use, as a handy storage cache for radios and munitions.) IRL current day, most of us will be stashing our keys and phones in those oversized side pockets.

Different Colors and Styles of Cargo Pants

Having just discussed slimmer-cut cargos like the ones favored by Kate Middleton, plus the baggier styles beloved by Hailey Bieber, Rihanna et al., it’s worth pointing out just how many awesome iterations there are out there. Truly, one size does not fit all! When it comes to fabrics, cotton twill remains the most common, although dressier cargos have cropped up in silky materials in vibrant jewel tones or pared-back black. For outdoor adventures, try a cargo in a lightweight, waterproof nylon.

Color-wise, green camo remains the most popular, followed by tan, gray, and even some bolder hues like bright red, blue, and pink. Plain cargos come in just about every shade of the rainbow, but like camo varieties, they’re most often glimpsed in army neutrals or throwback denim. 

While street style stalwarts are most apt to say, pair pink with pink or rock brightly colored camo with a similarly vibrant top, most people try to balance things out by opting for at least one neutral or non-printed item of clothing.

How to Style Cargo Pants

Undoubtedly one of the best things about women’s camo cargo pants is just how versatile they are. While most people still choose to wear them casually for day, they can also work at night. Simply swap sneakers for heeled boots and opt for a cashmere sweater in lieu of a more laidback sweatshirt. While a cropped leather jacket pairs especially well with baggier cargos, an oversize bomber looks great with something in a slimmer cut. 

Both curve-hugging and loose-fitting tops have proven popular picks when it comes to cargo pairings. If you’re not necessarily looking to strictly balance a silhouette however, it’s still smart to keep things proportional and tailored so as not to get lost in whatever you’re wearing. Opting for more minimalist pieces and flashing a hint of skin will help ensure that your overall look is more polished.

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