What Matters to Kelsie & Precious?

What Matters to Kelsie & Precious?


Meet Kelsie & Precious: Program Directors at Food on Foot LA

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Where you’ve seen them: In LA’s low-income neighborhoods providing people with the opportunity for a fresh start.

Why we love them:  Helping in the fight against homelessness is something we support with #SanctuaryGivesBack, and we could not do this without people like Kelsie & Precious on our side.  They have dedicated their lives to this cause through a holistic approach by building a trusting relationship with each and every client. 

Together, they direct strength-based programs where clients have the opportunity to build community, refine their public speaking skills, clean up the local community, and participate in life skills courses. In addition to these programs, they pride themselves not just on helping their clients achieve stability, but teaching them how to maintain it.

Stay in touch: Kelsie Deppen, Precious Boon@foodonfootla


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